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          Outlook of Hanhe's future——We will focus on our main business of cable, develop more advanced products, increase economies of scale and try to be the first brand in the cable industry. Besides, Hanhe will extend stably to related industries. Taken together, Hanhe will be built as a comprehensive large enterprise group focus in the cable.

          The understanding of our vision:The total strategic target of Hanhe is to build a comprehensive large enterprise group focus on cable. For this purpose, firstly, we need to insist our specialized strategy, focus on the main business and drive the related the development of the related industry; secondly, insist developing technique as the key point, try more advanced products, enhance core competence and drive the improvement of the enterprise’s overall quality; lastly, insist the strategy of brand, to be the first brand of cable industry, drive the improvement of the enterprise scale by the brand and make Hanhe not only large but also powerful.
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