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    Supplier Partnership Recognition from Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation ————Shell Tabangao Refinery

    Time:2015-05-18 Browse:934

          Invited by Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, Tabangao Refinery,Hanhe attended the Contractor Summit on May 6,2015.
          The purpose of this opportunity was for Pilipinas Shell with their contractors to sharing Tabangao Refinery’s objectives in order to have a stronger and sustained win-win partnership.
          That was also an opportunity for the Contractors to better understanding the recent updates on Shell’s supplier requirements and address any inquiries and clarifications.
          We shared the message from the General Manager Mr. Eduard Geus as well as Mr. Arnel L. Santo who is Vice -president manufacturing.
          Compliance to Shell requirements was introduced from Shell general qualification system,shell general business priciples/Ethics & compliance/local content.
          Best practice sharing session was sharing of the successful stories from HSSE,produtivity and reliability.
          Hanhe was recognized by Pilipinas Shell and rewarded the Ceritificate of Appreiation for Star-Trec Project.





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